Acoustical Engineering

Speech Privacy

  • HIPAA compliance, open plan office, call centers, schools, conference facilities, noise masking

Environmental Noise and Ground Vibration Assessment, Mitigation Design and Compliance Testing

  • Open Pit Mines
  • Gravel Pits
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Racetracks
  • Dog Kennels
  • Outdoor Music Venues

Architectural Acoustics

  • Sound isolation – interior and outdoor-to-indoor noise and vibration measurement, analysis / prediction and isolation; airports, roadways, light rail, heavy rail
  • Wall and floor – ceiling sound ratings, Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) for residential, commercial and industrial projects.
  • Room acoustics – reverberation control

Building Systems

  • HVAC / MEP noise and vibration control design and testing
  • Vibration isolation and mitigation
  • Mechanical equipment Noise Reduction Design
  • Vibration mitigation for sensitive equipment (CAT Scan, MRI, Semi-Conductor Fabrication)
  • Predictive Maintenance

OSHA and MSHA Compliance

  • Site evaluations
  • Noise Dosimetry
  • Procedural Controls
  • Noise Mitigation

Acoustic testing and monitoring services

  • STC – Sound Transmission Class Testing
  • IIC – Impact Insulation Class Testing
  • Acoustic, blast and ground vibration monitoring for environmental compliance
  • Forensic and Expert Witness Services
    • Construction Defects
    • Environmental Compliance
    • Audio Tape Analysis
    • Railroad TIR Recordings
  • HIPAA Acoustical (Speech Privacy) Compliance
  • LEED Building Design & Construction v4 for schools, healthcare, hospitality, etc.
  • ANSI S12.60 – Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools
  • SCIF room sound and vibration compliance design
  • SCIF and classified acoustical isolation compliance testing

Acoustical Engineering

Acoustical Engineering