Engineering Dynamics, Inc.


Vibration Analysis Test Systems

Engineering Dynamics testing services are completed on an Unholtz Dickie R24 shaker capable of delivering 10,000 force pounds and vibration control is done with a Spectral Dynamics Jaguar control system. EDI’s vibration test systems covers testing for proof of engineering design concept to qualification and acceptance testing, on actual space flight hardware to aircraft components to commercial computer and consumer products, in accordance with MIL-STD, RTCA, ISTA, IATA, ASTM, ISO, IEC, JIS, FAA and customer specific test requirements. Engineering Dynamics has successfully completed MIL-STD and RTCA vibration testing by JPL, FAA, Boeing, Seakr Engineering, Lockheed Martin, Sierra Nevada Corporation and other aerospace companies, and ISTA, ASTM and ISO vibration testing for commercial companies throughout the United States.

Our Spectral Dynamics Jaguar vibration analysis test system is configured for 18-channels of vibration control and response, for random vibration, sine vibration, sine dwell and mixed mode control. The Spectral Dynamics Jaguar control system is the state of the art in vibration control instrumentation and provides the industry gold standard in response limiting and control of complicated vibration profiles. Having high quality vibration control is important for MIL-STD, RTCA, ASTM and ISTA random vibration and sine vibration qualification and acceptance testing.

Engineering Dynamics has the in-house experience to design or review customer design of test fixturing to ensure that fixtures are as resonance free as possible. Depending on the test article geometry, fixture design can be simple to highly complex and is crucial to enabling control of complicated vibrations. Engineering Dynamics also has an in-house machine shop for fixture fabrication or modification.
Vibration Test Systems