Engineering Dynamics, Inc.


Mission Statement


Engineering Dynamics Inc. is dedicated to providing consulting, testing and calibration services at

        the highest level possible.


We are committed to our customers, so that they can provide reliable, safe and useful products. This is accomplished by responding effectively to clients' concerns and questions, providing quality design solutions, as well as honoring our schedule and resource commitments.


Our approach on every project is to listen to what the client wants to accomplish, and then design practical, cost-effective solutions that meet the client's needs. With this approach, our engineers have developed a long and successful history of completing projects on time and within budget.


EDI maintains current calibration certificates on all test and measurement instrumentation, with traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Our traceability and calibration procedures have been reviewed and approved by Customer QA personnel, FAA and by Government QA (DCASMA) personnel, and meet the intent of ISO 9001 and 17025, ANSI Z-540, MIL-STD-810, ISTA and ASTM.