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Forensic Engineering Audio Tape Analysis


Forensic Engineering for Construction Defects:

Engineering Dynamics' engineers have significant experience analyzing noise and vibration issues in residential, commercial and industrial buildings that are a result of design oversight, construction defects or material issues. We have worked with both plaintiffs and defendants, and have been accepted as expert witnesses in court proceedings. Engineering Dynamics, Inc. has 40 plus years of experience in noise measurement and noise source analysis investigations, noise mitigation analysis and design covering environmental and industrial noise, noise in commercial buildings and residential noise privacy, warning horn and siren audibility measurements, OSHA compliance, vibration exposure for whole body and hand / arm. Our engineers have been qualified and testified as expert witnesses.

Forensic Engineering Investigation of Car Accidents/ Crimes:

Engineering Dynamics' engineers investigate accidents or crimes related to Audibility of Safety Warning Signals (Train vs Automobile accidents, TIR recordings), Audibility of noise from firearms, Head Impact Injuries for over-pressure from explosives and firearms, OSHA and MSHA related noise induced hearing loss.


Forensic Engineering and Analysis of Audio Tape:

Engineering Dynamics' has forty plus years of experience in forensic analog and digital tape analysis, enhancement and restoration services, as well as analysis of vehicle audio / video monitoring recordings on commercial and private vehicles; such as railroad TIR recordings, trucks, buses, police cars, etc. EDI uses a variety of digital and analog instrumentation and software programs for analysis to determine if tapes have been tampered with or to verify that audio and visual sequencing on a tape represents actual events. We have recently updated our audio tape analysis and reconstruction capabilities with Diamond Cut Forensics Audio Laboratory, Version 8. This is the same audio tape analysis tool used by many state and federal police and investigative agencies. Our engineers have been qualified and testified as forensic engineering expert witnesses.



Forsensic Engineering

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