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Building Commissioning for Sound and Vibration

Building Acoustical Design | Vibration Analysis

As more new construction is attaining LEED certification and as a consequence of new guidelines by ASHRAE and USGBC noise and vibration levels measurement during the building commissioning phase is becoming more prevalent. EDI has been performing building compliance noise and vibration measurements and testing throughout our history. Additionally, Stuart McGregor is involved with the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) in helping to write noise and vibration procedures used in the Building Commissioning process.


Engineering Dynamics, Inc. Building Commissioning services range from independent verification of a building acoustical design during schematic and design phases of a project, to noise and vibration analysis during the commissioning phase.


Engineering Dynamics, Inc. Building Commissioning independent design analysis review, and testing experience and expertise includes: Noise Criteria (NC) and Room Criteria (RC) measurements for building mechanical equipment, and Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC) and Field Impact Insulation Class (FIIC) testing to determine compliance with architectural design requirements.

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