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ASTM ISTA Product and Package Testing

EDI's Product and Package Testing Services:

EDI’s product packaging services cover a wide range, from ISTA and ASTM packaging and product testing to ASTM and ANSI medical pouch / packaging testing.


ISTA Package Testing – procedures have been designed to show that with proper handling the

          packaging your product is shipped in will protect your product from shipping environments

          seen during normal air, truck and rail transportation and arrive safely without damage.


            EDI is ISTA certified for Procedures 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1G 1H 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 3B


ASTM Package Testing – procedures and standards have been designed to test and evaluate

          both the packaging and the product during shipment from shipping environments seen during

          normal air,truck and rail transportation and safely make it to its destination without damage.


Medical Device and Device Packaging testing – testing services range from initial product

          development to ASTM and ANSI testing of product for FDA certification. Test services cover,


          Random vibration, shock and drop testing

          Seal Peel Testing
          Compression Testing
Leak Testing by Dye Penetration
          Bubble Leak Testing

Specialized Testing from time to time the environments a product or device will see or have failed in are not defined or not well defined by any existing standard test methods (ISTA, ASTM,

         ANSI, ISO, MIL-STD) for these cases EDI’s has worked with clients to develop meaningful and

         realistic tests.

              A specific case study was a medical device that was used in rural areas of undeveloped

              countries.  For this product EDI developed a method to test product operation and function

              after being dropped in wet to very wet mud and sand.

Package Testing