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Acoustical Engineering and Consulting

Noise and Vibration Engineering Consulting Services: as acoustical engineers, we work on a

         wide variety of projects / facility types, ranging from design of new commercial or residential

         buildings, mitigation of noise and vibration issues in existing facilities, to environmental

         assessments for mining and minerals extraction.  We are committed to providing engineering

         solutions and services that are both functional and cost-effective. The services we provide are

         outlined below.


        Architectural Acoustics – for offices, meeting rooms, conference centers, entertainment

                   venues, residential multi-family, industrial noise control, Field Sound Transmission

                   Class (FSTC) and Field Impact Insulation Class testing (FIIC) testing.


        Community Noise Assessments – for building and commercial projects, roadways,

                   manufacturing facilities, race track noise, shooting range noise, gas compression

                   facility noise.


        Building Mechanical Systems Noise and Vibration – Analysis, Design and Retrofit, machine

                   vibration measurement and analysis.


        Industrial Noise Measurements and Noise Control – for OSHA compliance and worker



        Mining and Energy Extraction Industries – environmental noise measurement (spot check for

                   compliance and long term monitoring) control and mitigation.


        Seismic Analysis Design - for building mechanical system supports.


EDI has completed projects in the following areas: airports, blasting operations, HVAC systems, power plant and co-generation facilities, indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, recreation facilities, dog kennels, sports and racing venues, shooting ranges, gas compressor stations, gravel pits and mines, rock quarries, hospitals, commercial buildings/offices, residential developments, lofts and apartments, manufacturing facilities, worship facilities, retail centers, and seismic isolation of sensitive manufacturing, scientific and medical imaging equipment.


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acoustical engineering
Acoustical engineering